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Social Media Marketing

Social media MARKETING is the next level in viral MARKETING where word of mouth is twisted through using network in social networking, social bookmarking, video and photo sharing websites like, facebook, twitter, digg, delicious, reditt, flicker etc. Social Media Marketing generates substantial traffic without pay per click costs click including Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, etc. Today these social network sites are vital because of the opportunity to interact with potential customers. They also provide a feedback loop for online reputation management. This is an entirely different selling process and requires a plan akin to joining a non exclusive country club.

There is enormous traffic on social networking sites; all you need is an appropriate SMM campaign. Social Media Marketing allows you to professionally spread the word and generate an intense amount of interest for a relatively unknown product or service and position the brand to the customers in their own terms and environment which results in a more genuine marketing message.

Social Media Marketing is a buzz word nowadays. Although it’s a very effective medium to get the desired results but is a hard nut to crack. It takes quite a long time to get the results from it. Not everyone in this earth is going to wait for so long to do business because being impatient is one of the characteristics of human being. Therefore, in order to utilize social media you need Social Media Marketing experts.

Our Social Media Marketing Plan Includes

  • » Sophisticated Profile Creation on Major Social networking Websites
  • » Customized Pages for Facebook and Twitter
  • » Systemic development of Fans and Follower
  • » Promotional Facebook Campaign
  • » Updates on Facebook and Tweets on Twitter consistent with blog postings and more
  • » Participation and Posting in Relevant Forums and Blogs
  • » Promotional videos and presentations