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SEO Copywriting Services

At SEO Workgroup, we strongly believe that ‘Content is king’. A good copy of content is not only required for search engines but is also quite necessary for human visitors. If your website has quality content, then it will automatically attract natural backlinks which in turn will benefit the search engine rankings and increase the PageRank of the website i.e. it will benefit the search engine optimization process. The copy should ideally have all the important keywords placed at the strategic portions/ places of the web page. A good copy of content sounds natural when read and also incorporates all the important keywords required for the SEO process.

It is widely accepted that search engine optimization copywriting has the twin objectives of satisfying the search engine crawlers as well as the visitors. The division, however, is only indicative. As both the search engines and visitors look for clarity. The content should be the outcome of a wholesome process combining both creativity and analytical insight. To start with, it has to lucidly elaborate on the services and products offered by you.

Copywriting completely aimed at search engines is not at all advisable as the website is meant for human visitors who in turn help to achieve our business objectives and not the search engines. Copywriting for search engines is the craft of broadening the base with the use of relevant keyword phrases and not just keywords, for example, using ‘SEO copywriting’ or ‘SEO copywriting services’ where only ‘copywriting’ could be used. Using different forms of important words avoids repetition and optimizes the page for the variants, e.g. ‘websites’ and ‘web sites.’ The keywords can also have more descriptive and specific versions which need optimizing.

There are details that many of us are not even aware of. For example, latent semantic indexing or LSI is one of them. It simply means that when Google analyzes your web page for a particular keyword, it should also find terms that are related to the searched term. If the page is about football, Google’s ontological analysis would also look for words as ‘sports’ and ‘team’ to make sure that it’s definitely about football. Thus related keywords are important for ranking high on Google, the world’s largest search engine.

The real purpose of copywriting for SEO is not limited to keyword enrichment or attracting more visitors. Eventually it’s all about drawing the attention of the visitor, holding his interest, arouse his desire and finally persuade him to take the decision you want him to take. In fact the copy should go on to offer satisfaction to the visitor for having made the decision.

Our copywriting prices start as low as $25 per page (upto 600 words) If you need a copy that takes care of all the above aspects then Call Us NOW at +91 – 731 – 4298484 or fill our request for proposal form.

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