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Sales Lead Generation

Do you know that SEO and SMO can help you generate sales leads. You need not bother about the geographic boundaries of cities, countries, and continents. You only need to have a website and the web is omnipresent. You can reach out to your customers where ever they may be.

Ever heard of ‘Inbound Marketing’? Well, what is the best time to meet a customer? Ask any sales executive and he will tell you – ‘when the customer is searching for what you offer’. No conventional marketing tool gives you the power to reach a customer, exactly when he is looking for you. Correction! Web or Internet marketing does give you this privilege. How? Let us explain you.

SEO Workgroup is an India based company providing sales LEAD GENERATION services through SEO & SMO. SEO is an exceptional method of marketing because it allows your customers to find you. Search engines are the primary tools for Internet users to find Web sites. SEO is the process of improving the size and value of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” search results. Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the search results (top 10 positions) the more searchers will visit that site. Social media optimization (SMO) is all about implementing changes to optimize a site for generating publicity through social media, online communities and community websites.

At SEO Workgroup, our mission is clear, and our strategy is simple. Understanding your product and market. Build up a custom sales lead generation campaign using a powerful mix of channels that might include:

» Search engine optimization

» Social Media Optimization

» Internet marketing

» Search Engine Marketing

» Affiliate Marketing

» Directory Submissions

Please do not take us as a service provider claiming to generate sales leads. We also offer services to handle and manage the flood of leads generated as a result of the efforts that we put in. We shall be pleased to assist you in managing the sales leads by taking up the burden of first interaction with the interested parties who have enquired. We shall qualify the leads as ‘Prospects’ and ‘Immature’ after the first interaction and pass on the qualified enquiries (with specific requirement sought) to your organization. We are sure that this shall keep your marketing people busy for quite some time.