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B2B SEO Services

B2B SEO services are quite different from B2C SEO services. This can be attributed to the fact that the sales cycle in B2B scenario is large as compared to B2C scenario. The sales cycle is large enough to make the search engines fluctuations in their results page thereby making some site go up in the rankings and some down. Also, B2B SEO services are not only about SEO but also brand building and letting other businesses remember about you or your brand.

The length of the sales cycle, target MARKET attributes, different goals and strategies make the entire B2B marketing challenge different from B2C e-commerce models. Unlike B2C marketing where you must understand who the buyer is, in B2B you must also understand the roll of each person involved in the purchase. Because the B2B sales cycle is longer, you need to reconnect with the potential buyers at multiple points in the buying process. Our SEO experts help by mapping out the buyer roles of each person involved in the purchase and the keywords or phrases that each one would be interested in at different stages of the sales cycle.

Research shows that 82% of search engine users claim when they launch a search that does not yield their desired result, they re-launch a modified version of the original search using the same search engine. Our SEO services can help you get found for the multiple keywords used at multiple points in the buying process that are vital for your business.

With B2B SEO Services “one size” does not fit all. Our A to Z search engine optimization process begins with a thorough understanding of your web site’s construction, needs and unique challenges. We rely on a comprehensive SEO Needs Analysis to audit your site, discover your unique requirements and outline all the necessary services that will deliver a successful result.

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